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    PTMD 1.0 (PTM that are associated with human Disease) is a manually cruted database that contains the associations between different PTM types and different diseases. Currently, PTMD contains 1,950 PTM-disease associations, and 749 proteins and 275 diseases. To better view the PTM and disease, we classify the associations into 6 groups, including U/D (Up/Down), P/A (Present/Absent) and C/N (Mutation induce PTM/Mutation remove PTM), respectively.
    Here we provide two approaches for users to browse the database: (i) By PTMs; (ii) By Diseases. PTMs browse allows users to select an interested post translational modification type and the proteins which has relationship of this PTM and diseases will be presented after click the link. When browsing by diseases, users can choose a specific disease type and get the proteins whose PTMs are involved in this disease. The annotation information of each protein will be presented in the final webpage.

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